Production Worker Job In Canada. Canada’s largest provider of eye care is FYidoctors. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Delta, British Columbia, is proud to produce Canadian-made eyeglasses and industry-leading lenses. For our patients across North America, we manufacture the highest-quality lenses with the most recent hardware, software, and manufacturing processes. While we offer on-the-job training, your ability to grow and advance depends on your willingness to take on new challenges, pick up new skills, and contribute to the greater good.

Production Worker Job In Canada

Job Information

TitleProduction Worker
Company NameFYidoctors-Delta
Job TypeFull-time
LocationDelta, BC

How You’ll benefit

  • Favourable compensation and perks
  • An environment at work that encourages cooperation
  • Possibilities for ongoing training and development
  • Savings on vision insurance and no-cost eye exams
  • Flexible options for health, prescription medications, and dental care
  • Paid vacation days and paid holidays
  • Program for Employee and Family Assistance
  • Discount Goodlife Fitness
  • Travel and clothing stipends

Why We Need You

At our plant, we take great pride in our productivity and quality. You will be in charge of conducting quality checks, managing the production in an organised manner, and maintaining equipment as our newest production technician.

This is a permanent, full-time role. Three shifts are rotated through our facility every 24 hours, which operates continuously. If you would be open to working overnight, we would pay you a hefty hourly premium.

What Will You be Doing?

  • Controlling and classifying orders as they move through manufacturing to guarantee accuracy
  • Monitoring, putting lenses in and taking lenses out of equipment to check effectiveness
  • Using and finishing a daily checklist to maintain processes and equipment
  • Getting lenses ready so they can pass quality control
  • Route jobs through our manufacturing processes as intended
  • Locating flaws and finishing quality checks to make sure we’re giving our customers the best lenses

As the Successful Candidate, You Have

  • Prior production experience using machinery at a factory or facility.
  • The capacity to support and collaborate with others in a team.
  • A focus on safety first and a contagious passion.
  • The capacity to work varying shifts as needed for manufacturing.
  • Willingness to pick things up as training is given.

We are grateful for your interest in FYidoctors and hope the application process didn’t take too long. Let us handle the rest. A real person will examine your credentials and inform you whether there is interest in continuing. If so, we’ll provide additional details afterward. We hope that the message we send to you won’t be overly impersonal, but there may not be a fit at this time. Be careful not to get discouraged. There will be more chances for us!

What is a production worker do?

Production employees are skilled personnel that maintain production by monitoring machinery to ensure product quality. They work on an assembly line, maintaining and cleaning factory machinery, and carefully assembling products in compliance with all safety regulations.

What are the skills of a production worker?

  • To do anything thoroughly and carefully.
  • The capacity for collaborative work.
  • Patience and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure
  • The capacity to control and operate machinery.
  • Must be adaptable and flexible.
  • Physical aptitudes such as power and coordination.

What type of job is production?

Production workers usually assist in the assembly of goods and keep an eye out for flaws in the manufacturing process when working for factories or other manufacturing facilities. Together with other production workers, they continuously monitor product quality and meet deadlines for task completion.

How to Apply?

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