Poland Chicken Factory Jobs. A factory worker’s average salary in Poland is PLN 46,791 per year, or approximately $22.60 an hour. The range of pay for this job is between PLN 35,514 and PLN 54,465 depending on the level of education. The lowest level of education for this position is less than a High School degree. ERI compiles its compensation data based on its own salary surveys and commercially available data on housing sales. It also takes into account the cost of living, which is measured using the price of gasoline and property taxes.

ABUNDANT LIFE INTL. MANPOWER SERVICES INC. is looking for 100 factory workers

The company is a private employment agency with a POEA license that is in search of 100 factory workers for their manufacturing unit. The job entails monitoring the efficiency of production lines, assembling and preparing goods, quality assurance testing, and more. Applicants who are interested in this job should apply before August 12, 2022.

ABUNDANT LIFE INTL. MANPOWER SERVICES INC. is hiring 100 factory workers

A private employment agency licensed by the POEA is seeking to hire 100 Factory workers for a manufacturing company in Poland. These workers will perform various duties, such as monitoring production lines, loading and unloading products, and quality assurance testing of the final product. Applicants should have at least one year of experience in a similar position.

The company is hiring workers for its new plant in Poland. In the first six months of 2018, the company is expected to hire 100 workers. The company’s address is F. Agoncillo, Malate, and the company’s contact details are available on its website.

How To Apply For Poland Chicken Factory Jobs