Housekeeping Attendant – Outside Glass Cleaner

Housekeeping Attendant - Outside Glass Cleaner

It is your responsibility to keep the designated spaces clean and maintained to the standards set by the housekeeping shift leader or supervisor. Cleaning of rooms or public spaces will be the major areas of responsibility, but other designated areas may also be required from time to time to uphold the same standards.

Housekeeping Attendant – Outside Glass Cleaner

Job Information

TitleHousekeeping Attendant
Company Name Marriott International, Inc
Job TypeFull Time


  • Reports in uniform to the housekeeping office to clock in.
  • Picks up daily room reports from the housekeeping office and collects keys from the loss prevention office. In order to prevent the key from being given to anyone and to prevent opening the guest room for anyone.
  • When you find any lost or found things, let the HK Office Coordinator/Shift Leader know ( follow the LSOP in place)
  • Any broken or missing goods should be reported to your shift leader or office coordinator.
  • Contact your shift manager or leader if you have any complaints from guests or associates.
  • Following completion of the cleaning duties, report to the housekeeping office to sign off on the shift.
  • Anytime a person uses or operates a cradle, they must be accompanied (2 person all the time and not more than 2 persons)
  • The manager/person in charge must provide the concerned department one day’s notice of the cleaning schedule.
  • Take into account the weather; DO NOT OPERATE in windy or severe weather, and do not deviate from the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Check the work schedule one day in advance and make sure you have the engineering work permit.
  • Before operating the cradle, finish the safety check list.
  • Ensure that the Battery is operational and properly charged.

Safety and Security

  • Report any injuries or incidents at work to the manager or shift leader as away.
  • To maintain a tidy, secure, and safe environment, abide by business and departmental safety and security rules and procedures.
  • Report any guest theft complaints to security and loss prevention.

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