Housekeeper Jobs In New Zealand Housekeeper jobs are very popular in New Zealand, and you can even get a Resident Visa through a Housekeeper job. Salary and bonus levels can vary, but the average increase is 6% every 18 months. Bonuses are given based on performance, so you can expect to receive regular raises if you perform well.

Qualifications for a Resident Visa in New Zealand

The most important thing to remember before applying for a residence visa in New Zealand is that you must have a valid work visa. If you do not have a work visa and are planning to work in New Zealand for less than two years, you may apply for a working holiday visa instead. In this case, you will need a job offer in New Zealand for at least six months.

If you are planning to work in New Zealand for two years, you must start the process of obtaining a residency visa at least 90 days before your original visa expires. You must also ensure that you complete all your immigration papers, including police and birth certificates. Having completed these steps will make you more appealing to potential employers in New Zealand.

Housekeeper Jobs In New Zealand


A housekeeper job in New Zealand can be a lucrative career. While salaries for different roles may vary, the average housekeeper’s salary is about $35,300 NZD per year. In comparison, top earners in the United States earn more than $86,000 per year. However, the exact salary depends on several factors, including the location and experience of the housekeeper.

Many hotels and resorts in New Zealand hire housekeepers to keep their properties clean. These positions usually require 20 to 40 hours of work each week. The salary for housekeeping in New Zealand is slightly below the average for similar jobs in the US and UK. The highest paying positions in the country are in IT and sales. If you are interested in a housekeeping job in New Zealand, you should have a high school education and be a New Zealand citizen.


A housekeeper in New Zealand can expect to receive an average annual salary increase of 8% every 19 months. This is above the national average of 8% per year, but the rate of increase is often dependent on individual performance. If you have two or more years of experience, you can expect to earn around 28,000 NZD per year. After five years of work, you can expect to earn around 32,000 NZD per year. However, the bonus amount can vary from one company to another.

The average salary for a housekeeper in New Zealand is $35,300 NZD per year, although this can vary by region. For example, in the United States, top earners may earn $86,000 a year. While this is a general estimate, it should give you a good idea of the salary range for housekeeping jobs.

Bonus frequency

The average bonus frequency for housekeeper jobs in New Zealand is eight percent per year. However, the rate can vary depending on the individual. Those with two to five years of experience can expect to make around 16,200 NZD a year. People with more experience can expect to earn nearly triple that amount.

Bonus frequency is generally a measure of the frequency of a salary increase over a calendar year. This means that the average annual raise occurs every 12 months, but the actual date is rarely accurate. Instead, it’s more meaningful to know how often a raise occurs and how much it changes. Companies in booming industries tend to offer higher raises since they’re closely related to the economy of the country or region. As a result, bonus amounts tend to fluctuate a great deal.

Minimum salary

Housekeeper jobs are highly in-demand in New Zealand and are expected to grow by 14% in the next five years. While entry-level positions usually require a high school diploma, those with experience can expect to earn up to $43,022 per year. Other positions may include laundry or cleaning jobs for small offices.

Many hotels and motels employ housekeeping staff. The position typically involves working 20 to 40 hours a week. In comparison to similar roles in the UK and US, New Zealand’s average salary for housekeepers is significantly lower. The highest-paying positions are in sales and IT, so people with lower education may want to look elsewhere. Applicants should also be New Zealand citizens and have a full vaccination against the Covid virus.

The median salary for a housekeeper job in New Zealand is NZD 38,504, or about $19/hour. The range for this position ranges from 29,686 to $44,356 per year. The minimum salary for housekeeper jobs in New Zealand is NZD 19 per hour, based on the ERI’s salary survey. The median represents the middle-income value. To be in the middle, aim to earn more than the median.

How To Apply For Housekeeper Jobs In New Zealand