Farmworker jobs in new Zealand are justly famous for their agriculture and forestry, overcoming the challenge of distance to become a world leader. Along with fisheries and related areas, our essential businesses create more than 60% of our commodities and are key drivers in our proceeded with financial development.

New Zealand’s essential businesses have prevailed with regards to building a proficient and exceptionally cutthroat creation and dissemination foundation, in spite of being further from the world’s business sectors than some other sign makers.

A fourth of our products are dairy, making us the No. 2 dairy exporter on the planet. We’re additionally the No. 1 sheep meat exporter and the second greatest fleece exporter.

Essential industry creation and products have performed surprisingly well during the extraordinary difficulties introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The medium-term viewpoint is great with essential industry sending out figures to develop by 3.6% in 2022.

Skilled workers needed

New Zealand’s essential areas are confronting critical labor force difficulties. It’s assessed they will require one more 50,000 specialists by 2025. Talented laborers have especially sought after.

Horticulture and ranger service occupations on the abilities deficiencies records include:

While the public authority and industry are cooperating to urge all the more New Zealanders to take up positions in horticulture and ranger service, individuals from abroad will be expected to fill holes.

Various jobs in horticulture are highlighted on our authority Skills Shortages records. Assuming yours is among them it is uplifting news for you. That is on the grounds that it implies the Government acknowledges businesses need to select for this job from abroad in light of the fact that there aren’t an adequate number of qualified New Zealanders.

How To Apply?

Jobs TitlesApply Links
Dairy Farm Assistantsapply
Vegetable Packhouse – $26/hrapply
6 X Ppl Farm Work 6-7 Aprilapply
Bag Stackerapply
Dairy Farm Assistants Wantedapply
Dairy Farm Assistants Wantedapply
Dairy Farm Assistantsapply
Bag Stackerapply
Farm Worker $29p/hrapply
Farm Stay Woofingapply
Dairy Farm Worker $29p/hrapply
Dog Kennels/farm Workapply
Wash Plant Operatorapply
6 X Ppl Farm Work 6-7 Aprilapply
Farm Worker Beef And Sheepapply
Dairy Farm Workersapply
Potato Harvesterapply
Calf Rearer – Dairy Farmapply
Skilled Farm Maintenance Operatorapply
Tractor Driverapply
Vegetable Packhouse – $26/hrapply
Firewood Splitting And Deliveriesapply
Maintenance Workapply
Dairy Farm Workerapply
Disaster Zone Volunteers Requiredapply
Lifestyle Block Farm Workapply
Calf Rearingapply
General Farm Workerapply
Kumara Harvest Staff Requiredapply
Tractor Driversapply
Dairy Farm Assistantapply
Calf Rearer And Gardener / Sprayapply
Dairy Farm Assistant/sapply
Tractor Driver & Dairy Assistantapply
Dairy Farm Assistantsapply
Kiwi Fruit Job + Accommodationapply
Kiwifruit Pickingapply
Assistant Manager & Dairy Farm Workapply