Factory Team Members Jobs In Canada. We’re looking for motivated individuals to join a platoon. We offer great working conditions with growth opportunities. This situation starts at $19 per hour, depending on skills and experience set, and has benefits including dental/health and paid time is off.

Factory Team Members Jobs In Canada

Specific Skills

  • Performing Homemade labor( including colorful cleaning conditioning).
  • Operating mobile outfit, plant beet, and/ or sugar processing outfit.
  • Misbehave with civil, state, company, and plant safety conditions.
  • Perform introductory troubleshooting of mechanical, operations, and electrical issues.
  • Use hand tools and apparel to negotiate tasks.
  • Must be suitable to sweep, vacuum, squeegee and be suitable to bend, twist, thickset, and kneel as needed for colorful cleaning jobs and be suitable to operate vacuum systems.
  • Be a platoon player who demonstrates action and professional, work heritage.
  • Work overtime as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements

  • Aspirants must be at least 18 times old.
  • MUST HAVE A HIGH Academy Parchment OR GED
  • Must be suitable to pass the entrance testing conditions,pre-employment medicine test, and felonious background check.
  • Former plant experience is a plus.
  • Some positions may bear a valid motorist’s license
  • The capability to live 50 pounds
  • Must be willing to work rotating shifts, including nights/ weekends
  • Perform work at colorful heights.
  • Coffer working knowledge of confined space entry procedures and respirator policy is needed.

How to Apply?

If any candidates are interested in these jobs in Canada, send your CV to apply now button given below.


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