Central Maine Medical-Food Service Worker Job In Poland. Anywhere on a site where food is made may be used by the food service worker. The setup and serving of food from counters and steamtables will be assisted by this person. Workstations and equipment cleaning and sanitising are among the responsibilities. The following are the general duties of the role, but Sodexo has the right to specify additional duties. Depending on the needs of the client and the business, these obligations may vary between accounts.

Central Maine Medical-Food Service Worker Job In Poland

Job Information

TitleCentral Maine Medical-Food Service Worker
Company NameSodexo
Salary$15 an hour
Job TypePart-time
LocationLewiston, ME 04240

General Responsibilities:

  • Reads product instructions and/or recipes.
  • Calculates the amount of food needed.
  • Uses a variety of kitchen tools to weigh, measure, mix, wash, peel, cut, grind, stir, sift, season, and knead food in preparation for cooking, serving, and storing.
  • Utilizing knowledge of temperature needs and spoiling, assists in the preparation of hot and/or cold foods and preserves food properly.
  • Examines workstations to ensure they meet service standards.
  • Maintains records and makes necessary requests for supplies and equipment.
  • Follows all Sodexo, client, and regulatory standards and procedures when cleaning and sanitising workstations and equipment.
  • Products may be taste-tested.
  • Places entrĂ©es, soups, salads, breads, condiments, other food items, and cutlery on stations.
  • Typical stocking tasks in the service area.
  • Serves and replaces food from steam tables and counters (sometimes employing a conveyor food belt), and disassembles stations at the conclusion of mealtimes.
  • Makes tea and coffee.
  • It could be necessary to replenish additional beverage regions.
  • Interacts with patrons in the dining, serving, and shopping sections.
  • When asked, assists customers with opening containers and cutting food.
  • Attends all in-service training sessions on allergies and foodborne illness.
  • Obeys all safety and risk management guidelines set forth by the employer.
  • Promptly notifies authorities of any accidents or injuries.
  • Participates in hazard assessments, safety training, and frequent safety meetings.
  • Respects all HACCP guidelines and rules established by Sodexo.
  • Attends training sessions (both in-person and online), as directed.
  • Working to distribute food on a trayline.
  • May carry out additional tasks and obligations as needed.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Openness to developing oneself through learning.
  • Maturity in decision-making and behaviour.
  • Upholds high standards for the workplace and personal appearance.
  • Has a positive outlook.
  • Flexibility in work hours is advantageous.
  • Must adhere to any dress code specifications.
  • Must be able to work weekends, some holidays, and late hours.
  • Attends work and consistently arrives on time for planned shifts.


  • GED, high school graduation, or relevant work experience.
  • No prior work experience is necessary.


  • Presents oneself to others in a very professional manner and is aware of how important ethics and honesty are.
  • Ability to keep a cheerful outlook.
  • The capacity to interact respectfully and professionally with coworkers and other departments.
  • Keeps all interactions with employees, representatives from vendors, managers, supervisors, and customers professional.
  • Proficiency with computers.
  • Ability to communicate directions and interact with staff.
  • Basic knowledge of handling food.

Physical Requirements:

  • With or without corrective lenses, you should be able to alter your focus and have close-up, distance, peripheral, and depth perception.
  • significant movement via walking or another means.
  • the capacity to operate for extended periods of time while standing (up to 8 hours).
  • Possess the ability to reach, stoop, bend, push, pull, and occasionally lift/move up to 40 pounds.

Working Conditions

  • Normally indoors; however, it’s possible to oversee outdoor activities and events.
  • Adjusting the schedule as needed to accommodate evenings, weekends, holidays, and longer hours.
  • The employee is largely in a controlled, comfortable atmosphere while carrying out the duties of this profession; nevertheless, when supporting outdoor activities, they may be exposed to heat or cold.
  • The noise level at work is typically between moderate and loud.

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